Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Inhale: Gratitude, Exhale: Fear

Maybe the hardest part of this entire journey was putting a name to my yoga studio.  I contemplated everything from A to Z and then in the least expecting moment, YOGA SEVEN came to me while sitting under my fluorescent bulbs, eeer my office for my day job.  While many of us consider 7 lucky, I never did.  My favorite number is 17, but 7 never did anything for me, until now.  Everything I was doing centered on the number 7.  There are 7 chakras or energy centers according to yoga philosophy; I was certified and planning for 7 class formats and exploring ways to keep my studio open 7 days a week.  Once I began looking for building spaces, I was energetically pulled to the building on the 7th block on Hampshire Street.   The number 7 spiritually represents wisdom-seeker or inventor.  It seemed 7’s were everywhere. 

My amazing friend, Sarah, came up with a few logos and my voting panel, Lindsay (my sister) and Casey (my sister from a different mista) voted on writing it out as Yoga7even.  Certain to be mis-pronounced, constantly mis-spelled and even questioned by a few, it was unique enough to stick.  Yoga7even was born.  I remember walking home after work feeling ecstatic.  I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about my light bulb moment and start planning a yoga studio with a name! 

Challenges, hurdles and nerves made me talk myself straight out of this adventure nearly every day.  But then, I would walk into a Chicago yoga studio to either teach or roll out my own mat and immediately I was re-energized to make this happen.  

Click, click, click…I feel like the roller coaster is at the top of the very 1st hill.  In 3 short days, nearly 2-years of planning will come to life and I’ll take the ride on the Yoga7even roller coaster with my arms in the air! 
|live|your|life|upside|down|  <in the case you're on a roller coaster with a loop-de-loop, fasten your safety harness>

Monday, September 16, 2013

I bring to you .....Rainbow Kids Yoga

I just spent an amazing 24 days in Tuscany, Italy training with Rainbow Kids Yoga!  The amazing Octavio Van Praag produced this video https://vimeo.com/73606500 capturing the endless fun, love and community 37++ beautiful yogi's built in August 2013.  Explore the RKY philosophy even further at  www.rainbowkidsyoga.net!  Sending all love to my RKY Family!

Saturday, September 14, 2013